March 25, 2009

Car Accident

This is what i get after i back from holiday. Unexpected. I've been driving the same route for almost 2 years. Nothing happen till that day.

Being hit by a indian taxi driver behind my back. His car number is HBA 247. No serious injure on me except my back and my head. Serve him right your car can't move even an inch at all. Have to tow your car. Their should suspend his driving license for at least 2 year.

He is drunk but he denied. He attracting a lot of his indian friend who also taxi driver. Keep pointing me using his finger. Headache!!!

For this moment, i won't be seeing my car for 3 weeks. Guess i have to teleport myself to workplace? or take cabs.

March 4, 2009

HongKong (03/09)

A photo describe thousand words.

I'll be leaving in couple of days

Looking forward towards the trip.