October 3, 2009


Another month is here. The month of October. Is been few months i didn't blog.

This month i be busy with my gym (BodyCombat,BodyVive,BodyBalance), Les Mills new launch release at Fitness First this coming Sunday and Halloween Party in another 2 weeks time as well.

I'm planning to add another program in my gym routinefrom Les Mills - BodyVive. =) I love it !
This month is my 1 year working in GNC. =) Time flies that fast. I can hear the promotion bell from my supervisor. Yipee. Kekeke!! more $$!

Everything looking great. My dear, my work, my family :)
Sometimes, i'm staying over at my dear's place. The place is amazing. I can't stay there everyday one. I still have to report back to my house to my mum. I'm still a small boy to my mum =) Kekekek not until i'm 21.

Time to pack my gym bag for tomorrow classes and Sunday launch. Tomorrow after work i try to attend his class then movie + dinner night. Yipee.

I'll be back when i'm free to blog. Facebook still on.

I'm flying next month November. 7 days off. Yay *jumping in joy*!!!