September 11, 2010

A Year

It's been a year i didn't blog.

I didn't realise how fast a year can be. Another year of getting older.

Happy belated birthday to myself and to my other half which is one day from my date :) and happy 1st year anniversary to both of us :)

It's not easy to be in relationship. You need to have 2 people to work on it like push and pull. There will be 101 challenge to test your relationship from family,friends, or a simple thing. But everything started with the foundation - thrust.

It almost take me quite a long time to have thrust especially in the gay circle. Maybe i seen or heard too much of how the gay people fooling around and can't be stable in relationship.

But then i come to a point and think? - if i want to have this relationship to work i must start to thrust and have faith. Sounds easy right? Then everything can build from that foundation.

Let's make it happen :) It's a blessed to meet him and having him in my life. I love him more than anything i love.

P.S : I love you !

October 3, 2009


Another month is here. The month of October. Is been few months i didn't blog.

This month i be busy with my gym (BodyCombat,BodyVive,BodyBalance), Les Mills new launch release at Fitness First this coming Sunday and Halloween Party in another 2 weeks time as well.

I'm planning to add another program in my gym routinefrom Les Mills - BodyVive. =) I love it !
This month is my 1 year working in GNC. =) Time flies that fast. I can hear the promotion bell from my supervisor. Yipee. Kekeke!! more $$!

Everything looking great. My dear, my work, my family :)
Sometimes, i'm staying over at my dear's place. The place is amazing. I can't stay there everyday one. I still have to report back to my house to my mum. I'm still a small boy to my mum =) Kekekek not until i'm 21.

Time to pack my gym bag for tomorrow classes and Sunday launch. Tomorrow after work i try to attend his class then movie + dinner night. Yipee.

I'll be back when i'm free to blog. Facebook still on.

I'm flying next month November. 7 days off. Yay *jumping in joy*!!!

June 20, 2009

Best Staff Nomination Award

GNC is currently doing - Best Staff Nomination Award.

My friend who work in the office, once saw my name on the list. She ring my phone and congrats me. I'm speechless at that moment. I can't believe it.

My name is inside the nomination list for the Junior Category. For junior Category their will be 10 person included me inside. 10 Junior out of 45 GNC stores.

Their will judge your selling skills, products knowledge, customer service, grooming and etc.
Well, i need to do some homework for the 2nd round interview.

June 16, 2009

BodyCombat - Back2School Theme

California Fitness BodyCombat will do a special class tomorrow in Midvalley.

*Gasp* The theme is - Back To School Theme.

The video is something like this. :

Such a short period to get this outfit. Faint.

Will post the class photo tomorrow night :) or at least by next week.

June 8, 2009

Bali (08/09)

I'm taking my annual leave.

I will be heading to Bali this early of August. I'll be spending 5 days and 4 nights there.

I can't wait to do spa and body massage :) and looking at the sunset. The scenary is so magnificient.

Bali, here i come!

June 6, 2009

Cambodia (05/09)

More photos will be upload in the upcoming week. I have to pass to JC to photoshop it.

March 25, 2009

Car Accident

This is what i get after i back from holiday. Unexpected. I've been driving the same route for almost 2 years. Nothing happen till that day.

Being hit by a indian taxi driver behind my back. His car number is HBA 247. No serious injure on me except my back and my head. Serve him right your car can't move even an inch at all. Have to tow your car. Their should suspend his driving license for at least 2 year.

He is drunk but he denied. He attracting a lot of his indian friend who also taxi driver. Keep pointing me using his finger. Headache!!!

For this moment, i won't be seeing my car for 3 weeks. Guess i have to teleport myself to workplace? or take cabs.

March 4, 2009

HongKong (03/09)

A photo describe thousand words.

I'll be leaving in couple of days

Looking forward towards the trip.