June 16, 2009

BodyCombat - Back2School Theme

California Fitness BodyCombat will do a special class tomorrow in Midvalley.

*Gasp* The theme is - Back To School Theme.

The video is something like this. :

Such a short period to get this outfit. Faint.

Will post the class photo tomorrow night :) or at least by next week.

5 rainbows:

Paul J said...

iyerr.....how come my gym dont have those theme 1??
i'd like to have theme such at harem.....ohh.....so nice!
how to have body combat class in school uniform wor?? (as if can be done in harem outfit...hehehe...)

Takashi said...

lol.. have fun :>

simonlover said...

Hmmm...I dun rmbr anyone dresses that way back in the school days...Hehehe...Noti Noti...

::airswift:: said...

yeay! finally you're up and running.
hm. it's been a while i didn't check your blog.

Kenny said...
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