September 11, 2010

A Year

It's been a year i didn't blog.

I didn't realise how fast a year can be. Another year of getting older.

Happy belated birthday to myself and to my other half which is one day from my date :) and happy 1st year anniversary to both of us :)

It's not easy to be in relationship. You need to have 2 people to work on it like push and pull. There will be 101 challenge to test your relationship from family,friends, or a simple thing. But everything started with the foundation - thrust.

It almost take me quite a long time to have thrust especially in the gay circle. Maybe i seen or heard too much of how the gay people fooling around and can't be stable in relationship.

But then i come to a point and think? - if i want to have this relationship to work i must start to thrust and have faith. Sounds easy right? Then everything can build from that foundation.

Let's make it happen :) It's a blessed to meet him and having him in my life. I love him more than anything i love.

P.S : I love you !

4 rainbows:

William said...

Thrust? LOL. Yes, THAT is important too! Congrats.

AmeZac said...

Thrust? You really mean that?

Zach said...

Thrust? @@

::airswift:: said...

yeah.. THRUST hehe